The Allure of Graphic Stamps

Philately for youngsters.

Iain Follett & Blair Thompson, Graphic Stamps

Stamps from countries all over the world, each with their own distinct style, shape and charm and for 5 cents per stamp I couldn’t resist.

The reason I decided to even consider looking through this old and pungent box of stamps was because recently I started seeing more and more stamp related content appearing on platforms I look at, the likes of Instagram and graphic design pages such as It’s Nice That and Creative Review. As well as this continual online content, British book publisher Unit Editions released their tome, Graphic Stamps, as part #001 of their Archive Series.

Graphic Stamps, Unit Editions
Unit Editons, Graphic Stamps
Mint Never Hinged Instagram Feed
Graphilately Instagram Feed

It seems that the Dutch are very good at designing these kinds of graphic stamps.

Wim Crouwel PTT Numbers Stamps 1976
Osborne Ross, Royal Mail, Animail
Royal Mail, Bowie Collection
Address Change Notice, Netherlands, 2001, Max Kisman



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