Modern Nederland 1963–1989

The Dutch love of Modernist art, architecture and design; on show at the Design Museum Den Bosch.

Paul Huf – Wim Crouwel Portrait (1969) | Wim Crouwel – Stedelijk Typeface (Originally used in 1968/published by The Foundry in 2016)

For me, Modernism and the Netherlands go hand-in-hand, it’s hard to imagine one without the other, especially when looking back over this time period.

The Design Museum in Den Bosch’s exhibition Modern Nederland 1963–1989 explores the 20th century Dutch love of everything modern. During this time period, Modernism in the Netherlands had a distinctive and societal ambition thanks to state-owned companies such as the PTT, NS and tax authorities expressing an anti-traditional, tolerant and democratic concept, giving designers at the time amazing opportunities.

De Stijl Artists – Scale Architectural Models (Circa 1920)
Gerrit Rietveld – Rietveld Schröderhuis (1924)
Wim Crouwel – Numbers Stamps (1976) (Sketches & Realisation)
Jurriaan Schrofer – IAO Stamps (1969) (Sketches & Realisation)
Benno Wissing/Total Design – Schipol Airport Wayfinding (1967) (Sketches & Realisation)
Gert Dumbar/Tel Design & Tom Homburg/Studio Dumbar – Dutch Design for the Public Sector Posters (1973 & 1979)
Design Museum Den Bosch – Modern Nederland 1963–1989 Exhibition Photos



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