The Design Academy Eindhoven graduation show at DDW 2018.

Written by Craig Berry, Joe Faulding & Harry Hobbs
Designer & Writer | Designer & Illustrator | Designer

Design Academy Eindhoven G18 Graduation Show Identity

“The relevance of design today has vested us with a position in which we, as a profession, have unparalleled influence over our collective future. Now it is down to us, as an institution, to extend the horizon of design education in response, questioning and revisiting how we present our work and generate discourse and debate.”

Several of us from VBAT visited the G18 show at Dutch Design Week where upon reflecting on the show, we felt compelled to each share some of our favourite projects based either on aesthetics, contextual reasons or simply just our instinct. As always the range of topics covered by the students is extensive with 208 projects by 185 graduates on show meaning there was a lot to both look at and later choose from; fortunately we purchased the catalogue book which allowed us to understand further each project and to choose our favourites with knowledge and reason.

Design Academy Eindhoven G18: Lucille Nguyen – Up-Part. Photo: Iris Rijskamp.
Design Academy Eindhoven G18: Moreno Schweikle – Oasis. Photo: Femke Rijerman
Design Academy Eindhoven G18: Willem van Hooff – Elements of Construction. Photo: Iris Rijskamp.
Design Academy Eindhoven G18: Diego Faivre – Minute Manufacturing. Photo: Femke Rijerman.
Design Academy Eindhoven G18: Sarah Brunnhuber – Eccentricity within Uniformity. Photo: Femke Rijerman
Design Academy Eindhoven: Michela Segato – Conditions of Air. Photo: Femke Rijerman & Designer
Design Academy Eindhoven: Pierre Castignola – State of Possessions. Photo: Designer & Femke Rijerman
Design Academy Eindhoven: Pierre Castignola – Copytopia. Photo: Designer
Design Academy Eindhoven: Geoffrey Pascal – Graefiophobia-Unexpected Office. Photo: Iris Rijskamp
Design Academy Eindhoven: Boris Maas – The Urge to Sit Dry. Photo: Ronald Smits & Designer

“The project started with my interest in animated typography and the idea to create a physical system of moving text. The installation has a mesmerising quality — due to the movement, the materiality of the paper and the sound that it makes — which a digital animation cannot provide.”

Design Academy Eindhoven:Photo: Designer
Design Academy Eindhoven: Janne Schimmel & Moreno Schweikle – Return to Default. Photo: Femke Rijerman/Gif: Designer
Design Academy Eindhoven: Carla Joachim & Jordan Morineau – Moca. Photo: Ronald Smits
Design Academy Eindhoven: Cas van Son – JAMFLOW. Photo: Ronald Smits & Designer
Design Academy Eindhoven: Jade Chan – Responsive Furniture. Photo: Designer

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