Carhartt Work in Progress

From workwear to streetwear.

Carhartt Jacket Scan
Carhartt x LAW–2117: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Iconic Chore Coat. Directed by Leonn Ward

it’s not uncommon for people to keep products for years even after wearing them on a regular basis and often handing them down from generation to generation.

Collaborations are what keep Carhartt exciting; each season brings a wealth of exciting partnerships from established names such as Converse, Stüssy and A.P.C. as well as more obscure and lesser-known names such as Braindead Records, Perks & Mini (P.A.M.) and Patta. Each collaboration brings either totally new designs, a brand’s spin on existing Carhartt products or Carhartt’s spin on a brand’s existing products. Each collaboration collection is often released with a video or printed look-book shot by fresh, young, contemporary, fashion photographers.

Various Carhartt Magazines, Books & Publications
Carhartt WIP Radio November 2018 by Ominira
Carhartt WIP Radio October 2018 by Heap/Neubau
Carhartt WIP Radio September 2018 by Mndsgn/Akashik Records
A selection of Carhartt WIP Stores worldwide
Carhartt WIP Store King’s Cross
A selection of Hip-Hop artists wearing Carhartt
Gemma Booth for Carhartt – Street Heritage (2001)



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