Can Graphic Design Save Your Life?

A thought-provoking question at Wellcome Collection.

Can Graphic Design Save Your Life? Exhibition Identity
Image courtesy of Creative Review.
Build – Cigarette Packing (2011). Source:
Adrian Frutiger – OCR-A (1968) & OCR-B (1968). Source:
Prospective Cigarette Packaging (2017). Source:
Erwin Pole – n+m Medical Journals Issues 25, 26 & 28 (1968). Source:
Tinybop & Keli Anderson – The Human Body app (2013). Source:
NHS Hopsital Signage in Rail Alphabet (ca. 1965). Source:
Original British Rail Guidelines, Typography Elements Section (ca. 1965). Source:
Morag Myerscough & Lemn Sissay – Dazzle Rooms (2012). Source:
Josef Müller-Brockmann – Geigy: Butazolidina (ca. 1958). Source:
Igildo Biesele – Geigy: Eurax (ca. 1957) / Andreas His – Geigy: Medomina (ca. 1955). Source:
Pearlfisher–Help Remedies Packaging (2011). Source:
Abram Games – I’m Looking For You (1941). Source:
Stephen Doe – Ebola Mural (2014). Source:
Studio Dumbar – Alzheimer Nederland Identity (2012). Source:
Wolff Olins – Macmillan Cancer Support (2006). Source:



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