What Design Can Do 2017

Plastic waste and biomimicry.

Written by Craig Berry
Designer & Writer

Fred Gelli talking Biomimicry at VBAT’s breakout session during What Design Can Do
What Design Can Do 2017
World Economic Forum — WASTED Initiative — Small, green, plastic coins
Mathias Worbin from IKEA of Sweden
Dont Waste Waste — WDCD Session
  • Building a plastic high-speed cycling lane to avoid slow cycling tourists at the weekends.
  • Making postboxes more personal and customisable by using coloured recycled plastic to allow neighbours to socialise with one-another.
Don’t Waste Waste presentations & notes
What Design Can Do 2017 — Plastic Waste Workshop by VBAT with Wasted
Fred Gelli from Tátil, Brazil
Biomimicry Challenge
Biomimicry nature cards
Biomimicry WDCD Session
  • Creating a gecko-esque sticky net that gathers waste plastic to float whilst filtering water to drink and survive.
  • A large mutant pelican which can hold people as well as gathering material via its large mouth.
  • Groups of lily-pads which can float and hold people whilst being able to attach to each other to allow communities to join together.
  • A flood-emergency pack that provides everything you would need to solve a flood quickly and effectively.
Biomimicry presentations & notes
VBAT What Design Can Do team & Fred Gelli
What Design Can Do 2017 — Biomimicry Workshop by VBAT with Fred Gelli

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