A Tale of Two Estates

Robin Hood Gardens & De Flat Kleiburg – Mass Social Housing Solutions.

Written by Craig Berry
Designer & Writer

Robin Hood Gardens & De Flat Kleiburg
English indices of deprivation 2015 based on employment, income, health, education, housing, environment & crime. Top: West-Wirral/Bottom: East-Wirral.
Craig Berry & Ben Rimmer – Park Hill Flats – All those people, all those lives. Where are they now? (2015)
Craig Berry & Ben Rimmer – BY ORDER (2016)
Alison and Peter Smithson – Robin Hood Estate (1970s/80s)
Exterior concrete fins and surrounding concrete wall/barrier for reducing sound
‘Streets in the sky’ and overall estate design with green space
Blackwall Reach Development – Architect’s Image
Dezeen – Demolition of Robin Hood Gardens (2017)
Bijlmermeer Neighbourhood Orignal Layout
Bijlmer, El Al Flight 1862 plane crash (1992)
Artists Against Overdevelopment (2017)
Dezeen – Robin Hood Gardens Demolition (2017)

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.