A Home for All

Six experiments in social housing, what role can architecture play in addressing the housing crisis?

Written by Craig Berry
Designer & Writer

V&A Museum & RIBA Architecture Partnership – A Home for All: Six Experiments in Social Housing

“The challenge of providing ‘a home for all’ is one that has faced governments and architects for over a century”.

The history of social housing may seem like something that began during the 1960s when councils looked to create and supply housing to those displaced by slum clearance and whose houses were destroyed during the war but state-led social housing has been around since the late 19th-century and does so to this date. All throughout history there have been periods where there aren’t enough houses for the amount of people–particularly today where the UK faces a new housing crisis due to a lack of availability and affordability.

Leeds Estates Seacroft, Gipton & Lovell Park
London Estates: Trellick Tower, Alexandra Road Estate & Robin Hood Gardens
Craig Berry & Ben Rimmer – BY ORDER (2015)
Berthold Lubetkin/Tecton Group – Spa Green Estate
Denys Lasdun & Partners – Keeling House
Neave Brown – Alexandra Road Estate
Ralph Erskine Arkitektkontor – Byker Estate
Nabeel Hamdi & Nicholas Wilkinson – PSSHAK
Mary Duggan Architects – Lion Green Road
The Barbican Estate, Trellick Tower, Fleet Estate, Churchill Gardens, Bevin Court & Park Hill Estate

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