What can design do for the future of waste?

Studio Spin – Design Museum: Waste Age exhibition identity (2021)

Japan House’s new exhibition explores the design of, and impact of these Games.

Design sketch for Toyko 1964 logo, red circle with Olympic rings below and 1964 in a bold, condensed font
Kamekura Yusaku – Tokyo 1964 logo

Reflecting on BY ORDER: a study of the British ‘sink estate’ and what’s changing (or changed) in social housing.

BY ORDER Ephemera Overview

Iconic models, cultural relevance, special editions, performance and sustainability. All walks of life covered at the Design Museum.

A collection of special edition, colourful sneakers in a cabinet space.
Sneakers Unboxed: Studio to Street exhibition space

The beauty of the golden-era, hip-hop portrait.

Drew Carolan – Eric B. & Rakim out-takes for Follow the Leader (1988)

A show → by the artist → of his own works → in his own gallery.

Damien Hirst – Myth Explored, Explained, Exploded (1993)

Discovering remote and off-the-grid architectural gems.

AFGH – Lake Rotsee Refuge (2012) Photograph by

Craig Berry

Don’t call it a comeback, I’ve been here for years.

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